Creative Retreats

The Civita Institute Creative Retreat Program offers architects, artists, writers and other arts-related professionals the opportunity to work and study at the Civita Institute facilities in the Italian hilltown of Civita di Bagnoregio. 

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Creative Retreat Applications may be submitted anytime and are reviewed by the Board of the Civita Institute. Retreats are open to all with a vision compatible with the mission of the Civita Institute. Applicants are independent professionals who are responsible for their own support and will have full access to the facilities and resources of the Institute. Applicants are requested to provide the board with a full description of their proposed project along with the specific time frame requested and a statement of how their stay in Civita will further the Institute's mission.

Applicants’ project proposals are reviewed by the Civita Institute Board of Directors for merit and appropriateness to the Institute's mission. Applicants may but are not required to use our Fellowship Application form as a template for their project proposal. Determinations regarding exact dates, length of stay, and accommodations will be made in consultation with the applicant. Upon completion of their Retreat, participants are requested to contribute a written summary along with digital images or other materials representative of the applicant's work in Civita for permanent inclusion in our archives.

Retreat participants are required to make a membership donation to the Civita Institute in order to gain the member benefits that grant them use of their living and work space and the facility. Please contact us at for further information on these required contributions. The minimum stay is 3 weeks; maximum is 2 months. 

The application period is open year around.

Application Fee:
$45.00 payable by check or money order. A basic membership in the Civita Institute for the calendar year during which the Retreat will take place is included with payment of the Retreat fee. Please contact us if you are not on our email list or to recommend others to be added to our list.
Location and Accommodation
Accommodations are in autonomous apartments within the Civita Institute compound. Each dwelling is suitable for one person or a couple, though it may be possible to accommodate family members and friends by prior arrangement and at additional cost. Note that summers can be quite hot and the dwellings are not air-conditioned.

Retreat participants will have access to a comprehensive library of materials related to Civita and other Italian hill towns, as well as general material on architecture and urbanism.

Civita di Bagnoregio is located on a promontory, accessible only by a pedestrian bridge which is 2 km by foot or public minibus from the town of Bagnoregio. While some services (restaurants, etc.) are available in Civita, grocery stores, post office, bank, public transportation, and other services are readily available in Bagnoregio. It should be noted that there are no handicap accessible facilities available in Civita.

The facilities of the Civita Institute were generously donated to the Institute by the late professor Astra Zarina and her husband architect Tony Costa Heywood. Professor Zarina founded, directed and taught the University of Washington's Architecture in Rome Program from 1971 to 1999 and the Italian Hilltowns Program from 1975 to 2002. Tony Costa Heywood is a permanent resident of the Civita Institute.

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