2022 Fellows Presentations

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Pre-recorded, on-demand sessions viewable until April 25th, 2022.
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Our new online offering captures some of the remarkable presentations made in person. It is available for Learning Unit fulfillment, or purely for pleasure, anywhere there is internet connectivity.

Angela Prosper, 2020 Civita Institute Drexler Family Diversity Fellow

Lost in Translation

The Power of Local Food Traditions and the Potential Extinction of Cultural Heritage, a genesis project that seeks to illuminate what it means to eat local and sustainable foods in order to protect cultural heritage and how traditional ethnic foods and recipes are at risk of disappearing forever.

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Beanne Hull, 2020 Civita Institute Advanced Career Fellow

Il Giardino di Tony

Her exploration watching and describing the unique kitchen garden—beloved by friends and neighbors—of Civita Institute co-founder Tony Costa Heywood, in drawings, paintings, writing and photographs.

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Harlan Hambright, 2021 Civita Institute Creative Retreatant

Anthony Angelilli, 2020 Civita Institute Early Career Fellow

Micaela Skoknic, 2018 Civita Institute Northeast Chapter Fellow

Taehyung Kim, 2018 Civita Institute Dennis Tate Fellow