The Northeast Chapter

It is our distinct pleasure to announce the Civita Institute has now officially formed a Northeast Chapter!   Founding members of the NE Chapter are:  Norma Barbacci, Gwen Conners, Robert Maulden, and Renee Sandoz Whitehead.  The Chapter will be offering its second round of annual Fellowships in 2017, with an application period opening on March 6. If you are interested in information about Northeast Chapter Fellowships, please follow the "BECOME INVOLVED/NE Chapter Fellowships link. We are truly excited and honored to have such a passionate, talented, and dedicated group of supporters join us in fulfilling, and expanding access to, our mission. Benvenuti in Famiglia Northeast Chapter!  For additional information, please write to:

Greetings from the Northeast Chapter:

Astra Zarina brought forth programs in Civita di Bagnoregio and Rome which, infused with her dynamism as a teacher and Italy's natural and built beauty, have profoundly influenced us wherever we have settled throughout the United States including a region—the Northeast—that gives our chapter its name.

Understanding and recognizing how she and these extraordinary places changed our lives, the Northeast Chapter will further the mission and goals of the Civita Institute while geographically diversifying its essential support and the opportunities which can be offered.  Together, we are beginning by creating and administering annual Fellowships, and hoping to launch additional programs and activities both in Italy and the United States.  We openly and warmly welcome your support and involvement.

Sempre caro mi fu quest’ermo colle”  - Leopardi, "L'Infinito"