A Signage Charrette Based on the 'Facilities Maintenance and Management Plan' for the Historic Structures of the Civita Institute

Presented November 18, 2016 at the Civita Institute's La Caccia Tesoro fundraising event


ROB WALLACE and CHRISTINA WALLACE will lead participants to apply lessons learned from the ‘Facilities Maintenance and Management Plan’ (FMMP) for the historic structures of the Civita Institute in a mini-charrette on signage.

Through understanding the FMMP’s detailed description of the history, materials, and program of the Civita Institute, a system of signage for the facilities will be contemplated in small groups or individuals. In the absence of signage regulations for the historic town of Civita di Bagnoregio, this exercise will consider types of signage seen in contemporary and historic Italy; in addition, it will consider signage guidelines for the Presidio in San Francisco.

The program will include celebratory signage at the public entry to the Civita Institute and to the Institute’s library featuring one of the largest collections of English language architectural and urban planninglibrariesintheenvironsofRome,theAstraZarinaandAnthonyHeywoodLibrary. Theprogram will also include signage at each of the Institute’s 5 residences, and other way-finding or informational signage. Hand-drawing sketch materials will be provided. Designers can also utilize their own computer software for projection onto the presentation monitor. The charrette will conclude with a juried discussion.

Learning Objective #1:
Participants will learn how to use the FMMP as a basis for designing a system of signage at the Civita Institute.

Learning Objective #2:
Participants will learn how to conceptualize a contemporary solution that is respective of the history, materiality, construction techniques, and uses of the Civita Institute as conveyed in the FMMP.

Learning Objective #3:
Participants will learn how a system of signage can communicate a hierarchy of private spaces adjacent to highly touristic public spaces.

Learning Objective #4:
Participants will learn how a system of signage can communicate and effectively guide an abundance of international travelers.