World Monuments Fund Symposium

World Monuments Fund Symposium Document Released: Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Tuff Towns

From the WMF Report:  "In 2002 NIAUSI and the World Monuments Fund (WMF) embarked on a mission to bring Civita di Bagnoregio onto the international map with the promotion of a symposium to address the pressing geological and cultural issues of Civita and the tuff towns of central Italy—namely, the conservation and preservation of their historic fabric, the collapse of fragile tuff stone cliffs, and the support of traditional agricultural activities essential for maintaining the landscape. The model for a sustainable cultural and architectural future for these towns, as perceived by Professor Astra Zarina, spearheaded this mission and resulted in a rewarding experience throughout the planning and implementation of this symposium.

The symposium that emerged in May 2008 is a result of the close collaboration between Zarina, her husband Architect Anthony Costa Heywood, the WMF, NIAUSI, local experts, the municipalities of Pitigliano, Orvieto, and Bagnoregio, and the Civitonici (the residents of Civita).

Using Civita, along with the nearby towns of Pitigliano and Orvieto, as a study model, a group of architects, engineers, geologists, preservationists, educators, students, and historians explored and proposed sustainable measures to protect and revitalize these towns. The exodus of the locals and mass tourism are key problems for the preservation and conservation of these towns’ historic fabric. We hope that future symposia will explore this important subject, which we believe is a critical component of any effort to sustain and preserve these towns.

Finally, in gratitude to Astra Zarina, we dedicate this work to her. The love and beauty Astra planted in the heart of Civita, and in all the hearts of those who knew her, will continue to grow and inspire generations to come."

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