Il Giardino che Semini

The following Continuing Education Seminars will be presented in the afternoon (1:00–5:30 pm) of the Nov 17, 2017 Gala. AIA LU/HSW Learning Units will be offered. Approved seminars will display the AIA logo and note the type of Learning Unit to be earned. All Italophiles and designers will enjoy learning with this year's fantastic array of presenters.

NEW! Table donors buying a $600 or $1200 table will receive 6 or 12 gratis admissions to the CE Seminars! Pease note how many are interested when purchasing your table.

1:05–2:05 pm
Rob Corser:
Natural Disasters and the Built Environment:
Questions of Speed and Response
Our human inhabitation of the world has always been set against natural forces: earth, wind, water and fire. But all of these challenges are not equal – some effects happen quickly and directly, with little warning but clear consequences, while others happen little by little with vague or easily ignored impacts. Corser’s talk will address both fast and slow disaster scenarios and the implications for the design of our built environments. Examples will be drawn from experiences with Hurricane Katrina on the US gulf coast, and re-building efforts in rural Tuscany and will conclude with speculations on the geological issues present around the Pacific Rim and in Civita di Bagnoregio in order to imagine how we might proactively prepare — both locally and globally — for both fast and slow natural disasters.
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2:10–3:10 pm
Elisa Renouard:
Walled Gardens – Elusive Landscapes
The Italian experience is an entangled history of elusive landscapes, a palimpsest of fortresses. The walls that have historically defined the Italian landscape are at once protective and threatening, simultaneous demonstrations of great power and fragility. In this talk, Renouard will examine the social and political significance of walled space by looking at examples of different scales from disparate slices of history. Discussion will primarily consider the dramatic topographic and social landscape of Lazio and Umbria. Though the focus is on architectural history, references will also be pulled from Italian art history and literature.
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3:25–4:25 pm
Rob Hutchison:
On the Periphery
Hutchison’s presentation will focus on recent work that he conducted while a 2016-17 Rome Prize Fellow at the American Academy in Rome. The work, which relates to his ongoing interests in investigations that occur at the periphery of architectural practice, includes architectural installations, drawings, and photography. Special focus will be placed on his ongoing conceptual project entitled ‘Memory Houses’, a series of eight allegorical works of architecture that will be included in a one-month solo exhibition at Gallery4Culture in May 2018.
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4:30–5:30 pm
Domenico Ferrara:
The Gizmos of Tom Kundig – and What They Tell Us as Creatives
From his Italian cultural background, Ferrara offers an international vision of the work of Tom Kundig and aims to understand Kundig's work through the idea of “romantic mechanics.” This concept combines the aesthetics and the movements of the machine with an elemental naturalist sensibility. It allows Ferrara to describe Kundig's gizmos as “objets à action poetique.” These devices involve the user to interact with the architectural space and explore the close relation between action and emotion. Placed at crucial points of his buildings, they answer to Kundig's pursuit of unexpected spaces, where he leads the user to spectacular “final curtains,” which then open to the contemplation of nature and its forces.
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