Additional Information for Applicants

Accommodations within the CIVITA INSTITUTE facilities are in autonomous apartments. Each dwelling is suitable for one person, though it may be possible to accommodate spouses/partners/family members by prior arrangement and at additional cost. Note that summers can be quite hot and the dwellings are not air-conditioned. Read more here about the available accommodations.

Civita di Bagnoregio is located on a promontory in the Upper Lazio region of Italy, approximately 20 km (12.5 Miles) from Orvieto. Civita is accessible only by a pedestrian bridge by foot. While some services (restaurants, etc.) are available in Civita, grocery stores, post office, bank, public transportation, and other services are readily available in Bagnoregio, 2 km (1.3 Miles) by foot/car. It should be noted that there are no handicap accessible facilities available in Civita.

Many Civita and Bagnoregio locals do not speak English so the fellowship experience will strongly benefit from language and cultural experience prior to arriving on site. Below are some recommended resources available here in Seattle.


While Civita di Bagnoregio has some magical qualities that make it easy to get lost in its beauty, romance, and history, it is still a real, active city that is part of a municipal network in Italy that has many layers of complex political, cultural, and historic frameworks that define how the town operates. One notable element to consider is the extraordinary number of tourists that move through Civita di Bagnoregio daily and the toll this has been taking on the life and infrastructure of the small hilltown. Please consider how this might affect your proposed research. You are welcome to either work within the existing cultural and political bounds of Civita and the region or to question them and take a more provocative line within your research. However, either approach should come from a position of knowledge and self-education. For this purpose, we have provided some resources below to get you started on your background research. Feel free to seek other resources beyond what we have collected here.

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