The Civita Institute: Past, Present, Future
40th Anniversary and Membership Drive Kick-off Event
Thursday, February 25, 2021, 6:00 – 7:30 pm PT via Zoom

This FIRST in our series of FOUR planned online events in 2021 is part of our year-long 40th anniversary Membership Drive, with fundraising proceeds used to support our programs, the restoration of our centuries-old “Cantina” space, and other initiatives at our Civita Institute facilities in Italy.

Event Admission

$45   for FIRST Online Event on Feb 25
$100 for Series Admission to ALL FOUR 2021 Online Events

$75   for 1-yr membership to the Civita Institute + Feb 25 Online Event
$175 for 1-yr membership + Series Admission to ALL FOUR 2021 Online Events

Please RSVP by Feb 23. Email us at if you are unsure when your membership expires or if you have any questions.

The Civita Institute: Past, Present, Future will be an image-rich overview of where we began, where we are now, and where the Civita Institute is headed next. This special event will feature archival photographs drawn from our historic collections (many never shared before) combined with beautiful contemporary images from the hill towns, and paired with narratives that explore the development of The Civita Institute and its growing community across the U.S. and the Italian hill towns over time.

OUR PAST: The February 25th gathering will begin with a special presentation highlighting the legacy of our Civita Institute Fellowships by internationally-recognized designer and NIAUSI/Civita Institute Fellow Alan Maskin, principal/owner at Olson Kundig. Alan will focus on the enduring lessons drawn from his education in Italy with Professor Astra Zarina and from his Civita Institute Fellowship that he continues to draw on in his life and work.

THE PRESENT: Civita Institute President Nancy Josephson will report on where The Civita Institute is today, and how our expanding educational programs and activities continue to support our evolving mission and vision through our community of members and collaborators in the United States and Italy.

OUR FUTURE: Civita Institute past president and current board director Stephen Day will offer a look ahead at the next chapter in the story of The Civita Institute and our increased focus on the modern relevance of the Etruscan hill towns of central Italy, and the challenges and opportunities presented by historic preservation, cultural resilience and environmental sustainability in these phenomenally beautiful places.

Send us your Italian memories!
We invite you to participate as we prepare to host this special online event. What experiences in Italy—whether as a visitor, a Civita Institute Fellow, or program participant—has been most compelling to you in your travels and experieinces? We want to hear from you and we'll include a selection in our February gathering. Send your reflections to no later than February 23.

Sponsorship Opportunities (Online Events)

Single Event Sponsorship:
A $225 sponsorship contribution (Named Sponsor for a single 2021 virtual event) provides recognition at a single event, plus 2 one-year memberships, plus 2 admissions to the sponsored Event, plus a 3-night stay benefit at our historic Civita Institute facilities (must be used within 3 years after we announce our reopening date, TBD). Memberships, event admissions and Stay benefits may be gifted to others (minimum 3-night stay; scheduling subject to availability).
Series Super Sponsorship:
A $750 sponsorship contribution (sponsoring all 4 of our 2021 online events) provides recognition at all 4 events, plus 10 one year memberships, plus 10 admissions in total to the sponsored events, plus a total of 10-nights stay benefits at our historic Civita Institute facilities (must be used within 3 years after we announce reopening date, TBD). Memberships, event admissions and Stay benefits may be gifted to others (minimum 3-night stay; scheduling subject to availability).

Sponsor Benefits can be gifted to others!
For more information or to initiate a sponsorship, please email us at

Join Us for a Chance to Win
Civita Sunrise by Brian Stanton 

DEAR SUPPORTERS: The Washington State Gambling Commission does not allow the sale of raffle tickets over the internet. Please note, that if you have already purchased a raffle ticket, it will be refunded.

In lieu of a raffle, anyone making a membership donation to attend Civita Institute: Past, Present, Future—the first in our series of four virtual events in 2021—will be eligible to be chosen at random to win the photograph "Civita Sunrise" (shown below). You do not need to be in attendance to win. If you make a membership contribution and your plans change, you are still eligible to win. You might consider gifting a membership to others to attend as well. Contact our Membership Chair Erica Hanson at if you need any assistance.

2016 Civita Institute Fellowship recipient and distinguished photographer Brian Stanton has generously donated an original, signed 16" x 20" print of his extraordinary photograph, Civita Sunrise (shown below). The winner will be announced at the conclusion of our Feb 25 online event. Thank you, Brian!

Brian is a New York-based photographer who for over thirty years has specialized in portraiture, working closely with design firms, agencies, and major corporations. Brian spent four years of graduate study in art history at l' Universita degli Studi Firenze. With a portraitist's eye and sensibility, and fluency in Italian, Brian embedded himself in Civita and worked collaboratively with Civita's residents to create a series of intimate portraits and chronicle Civita's age-old cultural practices. Brian's photos, "CIVITA In Black and White," capture Civita's compelling physicality, light, architecture and rugged landscape. A video of his presentation and photographs can be viewed here.

Civita Sunrise