The Limits of Power III - Anthony Angelilli

Anthony Angelilli

The Limits of Power III

Anthony Angelilli, Civita Institute Early Career Fellow, 2020

My project embraced the history of painting and architecture. In other words, I researched and studied how both subjects co- exist and continuously evolve to function. During the time I resided in Civita di Bagnoregio, and other parts of Italy I completed a series of drawings and made a site-specific installation. I examined and sampled materials of all kinds.

From the interior surfaces of caves that tunneled underneath Civita to the exterior of stone buildings that engulfed Florence. I collected items that reflected the way I interpret history, memory, and landscapes. Most of the things I scavenged were rather mundane and could easily be transported between different regions. For example, the Delta blanket I was given while flying, small ceramic tiles, a sheet of silk, string, ice cubes, a ladder, and so forth.

I was paying attention to the way things felt and looked, and how that could be represented in the bigger context of painting in particular. Primarily I was focusing on the differences or similarities in colors, lines, textures, shapes, patterns, and simply just wanted to make something with that, and reflect Civita.

Anthony Angelilli is an Italian American born painter working in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Overall, the work methodologies are experienced in such a way where painting becomes a conjunction of its most primitive upbringing, and surrenders to a gesture which seems distant, yet intimate in a digitally enmeshed era.