October 28, 2009

NIAUSI Member Benefits and Use of the Civita Residences


Civita di Bagnoregio

At the "Sustaining Member" level of NIAUSI membership, there is a one year deadline for using the member benefit that allows a stay at one of the beautiful residences we maintain in Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy. Because this benefit period is quickly drawing to a close for some of our members, we are making a special offer - and for everyone, we provide the following suggestions to encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to stay in Italy:

1. GO NOW! If you leave right away, you can possibly catch one of the Chestnut Harvest Festivals (Castagnata) and other Fall celebrations that take place in October and early November. This is a glorious season to taste the new wine, freshly pressed olive oils and other prodotti tipici of Autumn in Italy.

2. GO OVER YOUR THANKSGIVING BREAK. Airfares are very low right now, so you will be saving money right off the bat. You will also have the unique experience of traveling in Italy free of summer throngs.


Civita Institute

4. RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP FOR 2010 AT THE SAME LEVEL AND DOUBLE YOUR STAY BENEFIT. Another option is to renew at any level and we will extend any benefits that were originally set to expire in 2009 through 2010, in addition to any benefits associated with your renewal. For example, if you renew at the $500 "Sustaining Member" level you will receive the benefit of 4 additional night stays in Civita, in addition to any existing unused benefits, all of which will be useable through 2010.

We acknowledge that economic times are tough. However, one of NIAUSI s primary goals is to encourage cultural experiences through the utilization of our facilities. After all, it is often the hotel costs that can break the travel budget. Staying in Civita using your NIAUSI membership benefits provides the perfect base for exploring the nearby hilltowns and the wonders of central Italy.

Fall in Civita

SO PLAN NOW and take advantage of these special benefits. Questions? Please email us at: info@northwestinstitute.com. To check availability for the NIAUSI residences on the website calendar, click here.


Buon viaggio!


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