Civita Institute members are allowed to stay in our fully restored and rustic apartments in Civita including full kitchen, bed, bath, and dining areas each. Your contributions support the heart of our operations and restoration efforts and programs. You will join our family and hopefully become lifelong Members.  We intend that our Members come back many times, and as their famliies expand, they bring their progeny too. We want you to be a part of thiis experience and never let it go.  

The heart of the Civita Institute is our Membership. We are a growing family and sincerely invite you to join us in this most incredible cause—to save and experience life in this impossibly beautiful and potentially doomed town. We are passionately driven by our 40+ year mission to create immersive, cross-cultural, educational, and family, friendship, professional, and personal transformational experiences here. Civita changes you somehow, forever, once you get to know it. Please explore the current offerings to engage with us (under the tabs), or email us with your ideas to create something new.