Expressing the mission of the Civita Institute in a simpler way, one might say:  education + cultural exchange = design excellence.  The intent of the Education section of this site is to share the educational and research tools of our continuing education presentations and our archive collection.

AIA Continuing Education
The Civita Institute is a recognized Provider of the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System. In 2014 our first face-to-face learning sessions were offered. Since then, we have offered approximately 100 different sessions delivered either face-to-face or online via tape recordings of in-person presentations or Zoom recordings. Most sessions offer Health/ Safety/ Welfare Learning Units as approved by the AIA; a few offer General Learning Units. All are available to members or non-members, to architects belonging to the AIA or to State-registered architects, or to the lay public. All are available anytime and anywhere in the world where there is connection to the internet. 

Civita Institute Archives
The Civita Institute archive features one of the most extensive English language libraries of architectural and art history related research material in the environs of Rome. It also includes historical maps, thousands of photographs, periodicals, and original art. Most of the collection is housed in the Sala Grande of our facilities in Civita di Bagnoregio. Most of the library of the Civita Institute comes from the private collection of the late Professor Emerita Astra Zarina and was housed for a time at the University of Washington’s Rome Center in the Palazzo Pio.

Subsequent additions to the Civita Institute archive have been made by several Fellows and authors. A particularly notable addition includes the donation of materials found in the Seattle home of Professor Zarina. Known as the Latona Collection, these materials were donated to the Civita Institute by Liz Rekevics and family with the express intent of letting interested persons view the materials to learn more about Professor Zarina. These materials are currently undergoing archival preservation, and can be available for viewing upon request by email to:

Diversity, Equity, and Community Resources
The Civita Institute embraces the challenge of actively promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in our organization's mission and work “to inspire creative excellence, education, and cultural exchange through exploration of the unique qualities of Italian hill towns.”  Visit our DEC page here.