The Civita Institute celebrates Civita di Bagnoregio, one of the most beautiful hill towns in Italy. The Institute was founded on the idea that architecture and preservation, environmental stewardship, agricultural heritage and cultural exchange are all linked and that Civita provides a unique setting to experience these connections. 
The Civita Institute's purpose has evolved and expanded since its founding as a way to involve the professional community in the learning experience provided by the Italian Studies Program of the University of Washington's College of Architecture and Urban Planning. Today, our mission more widely supports cultural exchange and excellence in the design quality of the built environment through our Fellowships, Membership Stay programs and educational Programs located at our facility in Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy. Located about 60 miles north of Rome, the Civita Institute facilities provide arts-focused lodging, studio, teaching and conference spaces both for individuals and for groups up to 20 or more. This remarkable setting provides a unique base from which to explore dozens of significant hilltowns, cities and cultural sites between Rome and Florence.
Working with the citizens and political leaders of Civita and the neighboring town of Bagnoregio, along with leading organizations such as the World Monuments Fund, The Civita Institute is committed to developing strategies to help stabilize and protect the fragile physical and social underpinnings of this living architectural treasure.

Board of Directors
Iole Alessandrini, President
Stephen Day
Ann Hirschi, Secretary
Liz Jamieson
Nancy Josephson, Treasurer, President-Elect
Anita Lehmann
Sharon Mentyka
Plamena Milusheva
Clark Pickett

David Hoedemaker
Steven Holl
Elaine Latourelle
Dennis Ryan
Peter Steinbrueck