The Civita Institute Committees

Descriptions, Committee Chairs, and Members: 2024

The Board of Directors guides all committees, and all committees report to the Board yet committees are a driving force of the Civita Institute. They assist the Board in managing its ongoing operations and creatively shaping The Civita Institute's evolving response to its mission and vision. Non-board member participation in committees is encouraged! It is an excellent way to learn how The Civita Institute operates, to become more involved in Italian culture, and to make new friends.


Archive and Collections Committee
Responsible for preserving, cataloguing, scanning, and making available the existing collection in Civita for online and in-situ use; scanning and preparing archives housed at the corporate office in Seattle for transport to Civita; coordinates with the Facilities Committee on best practices for preserving the archival collection in Civita.

Acting Committee Chair: Stephen Day
Members: Nancy Josephson, Christina Wallace, Rob Wallace

Cantina Restoration Committee
In the fall of 2018, the Board began discussions about restoring the medieval, rock-cut cantina beneath lo Studio as a supplemental space for creative pursuits and meetings by Fellows, Educational Programs, members and guests. Following a donation of $15,000 by Dave Hoedemaker to jumpstart restoration, the Board instigated a capital campaign in February 2019 for an additional $25,000. During the pandemic years, the campaign paused but is planning to revive efforts in 2024. The Cantina Restoration Committee is currently at 50% design development of mechanical, electrical, and architectural options to maximize comfort and utility while minimizing visual impact within this ancient space.

Committee Chair: Nancy Josephson
Members: Stephen Day, Craig Hawkins, Cathy Dempsey, Brooks Romano

Communications Committee
Responsible for facilitating all general communication of the Board of Directors of The Civita Institute via website, newsletters, e-blasts, Facebook, and Instagram.

Committee Chair: Charles Kelley
Members: Chris Chatto, Naomi Cole, Stephen Day, Angela Prosper 

Continuing Education Committee
Responsible for the coordination of The Civita Institute as a Provider of the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System. The committee coordinates approval by AIA of face-to-face and online sessions and reports all successful course completion either to AIA or via individual certificates of completion. 
Committee Chair: Nancy Josephson
Members: Stephen Day
Educational Programs Committee
Responsible for coordination of educational programs at The Civita Institute facilities in Civita. The committee conducts outreach to program leaders and coordinates program scheduling, housing, and use of The Civita Institute facilities. 
Committee Chair: Stephen Day
Members: Nancy Josephson

Event Committee
Responsible for guiding fundraising events of The Civita Institute, either in-person or virtual, and additional events as desired by the Board of Directors for social, educational, or informational purposes.

Committee Chair: Steve Butler
Members: Charles Kelley, Elaine LaTourelle

Facilities Committee
Responsible for oversight of all Civita Institute facilities in Civita including board-approved expenditures for maintenance and capital improvements coordinating all activities with the board’s liaison Bella Lazio Servizi (Laura Burla) or directly with contractors working in Civita; coordinates the location for safe storage of The Civita Institute archives located in Civita; leads annual work-groups providing hands-on assistance with The Civita Institute facilities; collects Visitor Conditions forms from all member-stays; prepares a calendar of facility use for Board approval; communicates with members staying in Civita, as needed.

Committee Chair: Stephen Day
Members: Dan Beert, Nancy Josephson, Christina Wallace, Robert Wallace

Fellowship Committee
Responsible for management of annual Fellowship application process and selection of objective jury members, communication with applicants and selected Fellows; coordinates a new Fellows' orientation; assists scheduling of Fellows’ stays with Facilities Committee; and coordinates Fellows’ presentations.

Committee Chair: Steve Butler
Members: Stephen Day, Nancy Josephson

Friends of Civita Institute (FOCI)
Communication with and coordination of major donors providing $500 or more per year; FOCI may also be advisory about fundraising.  

Friends of Civita Institute Chair: Nancy Josephson (or current president)
Members: Board of Directors

Membership Committee
Responsible for management of the Board of Directors' membership software and coordination of its membership levels, members' benefits earned and used, and renewals; conducts outreach to existing and potential members and supporters.

Acting Committee Chair: Nancy Josephson
Members: Elaine LaTourelle

Treasurer Committee
An adjunct to the Treasurer, this committee is responsible for review of the "generally accepted accounting procedures" implemented by the Board's accountant which includes analysis of monthly bank statements, monthly balance sheets, quarterly profit and loss statements, and year-end preparation for IRS 990 filing; proposes annual budgets; assists communication of financial information to the board and to the accountant.

Committee Chair: Dan Beert
Members: Nancy Josephson, Steve Butler


AZX Committee
Responsible for design and installation of ‘Astra in Civita’, a video in three parts on the life of Astra Zarina and her impact on Civita di Bagnoregio; responsible for any ongoing communication with the Museo Geologico e delle Frane and/ or the Comune di Bagnoregio who were partners in the development of the installation and are now responsible for its operation; discontinued 2019.

Chapters Committee
Created to advance outreach to supporters living outside of the Pacific NW for purposes of community and fundraising. A Southern California Chapter took initial steps before withdrawing. The Northeast Chapter representing nine states on the northeast coast was active for 5 years from 2014 – 2019 and selected several Civita Institute Northeast Chapter Fellows before withdrawing; the Civita Institute now offers the fellowship program nationally and the chapters program was discontinued in 2019.
Diversity, Equity, and Community (DEC) Committee
Works to actively promote diversity, equitable communities through the mission of the Civita Institute; developing a library of reference materials; and in 2022 became an ongoing attribute of every committee and was discontinued as a separate committee.

Governance Committee
Created for considerations of the corporate legal structure during the process of receiving the Zarina-Heywood property in 2008 - 2013; developed a rotating presidential succession in 2013; discontinued 2015.
New Director Outreach Committee
Responsible for outreach to potential new directors; develops an ‘open call’, an application, and quantifiable criteria for evaluation; conducts interviews for Board of Director review and selection of new directors; will be re-activated as needed.
One Road Capital Campaign Committee
Tasked with generating revenue from 2010–2012 for the purposes of 1) transferring ownership of the Zarina-Heywood property to The Civita Institute; 2) repairing roofing and improvements to the Sala Grande; 3) creating the Astra in Civita exhibit in the Palazzo Alemanni in Civita di Bagnoregio, 2019; a total of $80,000 was raised and has been fully spent on these three activities; discontinued in 2019.

UNITI Committee
Developed periodic concepts to unite members and supporters through submittals of art to be shared on social media and The Civita Institute website; discontinued in 2021.