Membership and Outreach

Join The Civita Institute!

Become a member in The Civita Institute and you will become a member in your local community and be part of the Institute's national and international communities in Seattle, Portland, New York City, Riga, Civita di Bagnoregio, and other locales. As a member, you will always have a "home away from home" in Civita!

Membership Benefits All Levels of Membership
• Quarterly newsletters and eblasts of special notice
• Gratis access to videos by Fellows of The Civita Institute
• Gratis access to virtual presentations by leading thinkers in the design arts
• Gratis application to The Civita Institute's Fellowship program 
• Gratis access to The Civita Institute's AIA CES online seminars
• Gratis access to member-stays at the The Civita Institute
Annual Membership Levels and Member-Stay Benefits
1. Fellowship Applicant Membership: $45
2. Student Membership: $45
3. Individual Membership: $75 (3-night member-stay after 3 consecutive years of Individual Membership)*
4. Supporter: $225 (3-night member-stay)*
5. Friends of Civita Institute: $500+ (7-night member-stay)*

* All member-stays are good for three years following the qualifying membership donation. 

Only members can stay at the facilities of The Civita Institute - the Institute is not a commercial enterprise and does not rent lodging. Membership donations at the Annual Membership Levels above enable member-stays (member benefit level and scheduling stipulations apply). Participation in The Civita Institute's Fellowship program or any of its Educational Programs requires membership.  Membership must also be current at the time of a redeemed member-stay. For specific questions and availability, contact 
Tax Benefits of Membership in The Civita Institute
The Civita Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose support from individuals and professional organizations results in membership in The Civita Institute. Benefits of membership vary with the level of membership donation, and donations are tax exempt to the extent allowable by law. Please see further discussion below. Our federal tax ID number is 91-1154445.
Considerations about Tax Deductions for Member Donations
1. The Civita Institute does not provide tax advice and members/ donors are advised to seek professional counsel regarding potential tax deductions. The Civita Institute will provide an annual tax letter to all donors whose contributions exceed $75 stating the amount of the donation(s) received during the fiscal year and the value of any associated benefits. In general, the amount of any tax deduction is based on the donation amount minus the market value of any benefit received.
2. IRS rules for 2023 do not require tax letters for membership donations at or below $75. The rules currently state that the full amount of a donation to a 501(c)(3) organization at or below $75 may be deducted, and incidental benefits (such as discounts to events) do not affect the tax deduction at this level. These IRS rules can change, and donors are strongly advised to seek independent tax advice regarding tax deductions. 
3.  Donors to The Civita Institute at certain levels are eligible for member-stays at the facilities of the Institute in Civita di Bagnoregio. Please see the description of member-stay benefits below. The current market value of member-stays in lo Studio and il Nuovo is determined to be $100 per night; the value of a member-stay in il Ruderino is $75 per night. These benefits can be taken for a period of three years following the date of the qualifying donation, and donors are strongly advised to seek independent tax advice regarding tax deductions.
4. Memberships are valid for one year though member-stay benefits currently extend for three years from the date of the qualifying donation. Please email with any questions.  
Note: all member-stays are redeemable for a period of 3-years following the qualifying donation. Stays must be coordinated within the calendar of The Civita Institute. Members are advised to plan well in advance. Email for availability. 
Members who donate at the $500 level and above join Friends of Civita Institute.
The Historic Facilities of The Civita Institute
Current use of the facilities of The Civita Institute is limited until future notice. Currently available are three apartments. The apartment called lo Studio offers a presentation and seminar space adjacent to the fireplace on the main floor with sleeping accommodations for up to 4-people upstairs with 2 baths and a kitchen.
The apartment called il Nuovo offers a communal dining space with sleeping accommodations for up to 4-people upstairs, 1 bath, a kitchen, and a clothes washing machine.
The apartment called il Ruderino offers sleeping accommodations for up to 2-people, a small bath, a small kitchen, and a private exterior court.
Ancillary spaces that are in the process of restoration or retrofit for new uses such as exhibits, meetings, workspace, and community gatherings are Cantina, located under lo Studio, and il Magazzino, on the main street of Via della Maesta'.
The Library and Archives of The Civita Institute
Donated to The Civita Institute in 2010 by Anthony Heywood, husband of the late Professor Astra Zarina, the library and archives contain the reference materials used by Professor Zarina during her 35-years of teaching the University of Washington's Italian Studies Programs. Since that time, The Civita Institute has received new works from authors, Fellows, and members. At this time, however, the library is not available for member use. A list of contents may be perused and with advance notice, may be retrievable for member use in Civita di Bagnoregio.  
The Grounds of The Civita Institute
Members typically enjoy the magnificent grounds of The Civita Institute which include the courtyard adjacent to the library, a large vegetable garden and a 'turtle terrace' overlooking the EU-protected valley of the calanchi. At this time, however, the grounds are not available for member use.  
The Mission of The Civita Institute
"To inspire and foster an interdisciplinary understanding of the unique qualities of Italian hill towns that remain pertinent to our contemporary experience through the promotion of historic preservation, education and scholarly research, artistic creation, cultural exchange, and professional explorations."
Thank you for your support!