Current Programs

We are excited to announce the following series of illuminating educational programs for 2022 to be based at The Civita Institute facilities in Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy.

DesignMashup 2022 will be led by Thomas Lehman, a Milan-based designer, and is scheduled for October 2–7, 2022. As Thomas describes the programs: “DesignMashup programs focus on creating transformation in the participant’s design work. Each member will gain insight into the process & techniques of top European and American designers plus engaging with a passionate group of like-minded architects, artists, creators, designers, and makers. In the DesignMashup workshops you will not only get your hands dirty but also explore tools and materials to grow your design skills, while bringing joy and lightness to your design work, overcoming creative blocks. The goal is to guide you in the exploration of your personal design poetics. This spirit of play is embedded in Italian design and is a great method also for team-working and participatory design approaches.” For a limited time, there are discounts available for Civita Institute members! For more information about this unique program, please see the program web site here.

Historic Preservation and Sustainable Design in the Etruscan Hill Towns of Central Italy - this program includes 36 AIA-approved HSW Learning UnitsStephen Day and Nancy Josephson are once again leading a new edition of their exciting 10-day program based in Civita, Perugia and Siena for May 10-20, 2022 that will focus on architectural preservation, sustainability, and modern design interventions in several phenomenal Etruscan hill towns, including extraordinary connections with Italian designers, engineers, cultural leaders and other compatriots. This program is not only for architects but also others interested in a deep dive into architectural preservation, art history, and local culture in several ancient but vital Etruscan hill towns. Using Civita as the base camp, with overnight trips to key locations, participants will explore important preservation work, local food and wine, and the protection of cultural treasures in hill towns such as Assisi, Perugia, Tarquinia, Tuscania, Orvieto, Pienza, Caprarola, Cortona and Siena, in addition to Civita. 

Please note: “Historic Preservation and Sustainable Design in the Etruscan Hill Towns of Central Italy" for May 10–20, 2022 is now full, but we have a Fall 2022 program scheduled for October 11-21, 2022 with essentially the same itinerary. Please contact us at if you are interested in reserving a spot for the October 11-21, 2022 program. For more information, please download the Program Summary book here.

Draw Civita 2022: Architectural Sketching and Watercolor Workshop with artist and architect Stephanie Bower, will include two sessions: Session 1: June 10-16, 2022; Session 2: June 17-23, 2022 - 5 full days of instruction, six nights. DRAW CIVITA 2022 offers immersion into the world of urban sketching set in the stunning hill town of Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy. It includes instruction in the understanding and use of perspective, an introduction to watercolor mixing and techniques, plus lots of tips and info on drawing and painting on location. A small group of only 7-9 participants provides opportunities for plenty of one-on-one learning, critiques, and demos. Join globe-trotting urban sketcher and instructor, architectural illustrator, and author Stephanie Bower for DRAW CIVITA 2022, an amazing 5-day sketching workshop in Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy. Set in the town’s stone streets, underground caves, sublime Chiesa San Donato and nearby Renaissance garden at the Villa Lante, you’ll learn the how-to’s of perspective and watercolor sketching on location, capturing your experiences in sketches. As Stephanie says: "Civita di Bagnoregio is truly a magical place. No cars, you just walk up the long bridge and pass through the Porta Santa Maria, and you enter a magical spot that time forgot.” For more information, please download the Program Brochure here.

Civita 2022 – The Depictive + the Evocative, an Exploratory Drawing Workshop with artist and architect Anita Lehmann, will include two sessions: September 12-18, 2022 and September 20-26, 2022. As described by Anita: “Join me this Fall of 2022, a workshop about drawing, sketching, and painting places, spaces, and objects. By observing the environment of Civita di Bagnoregio and its surrounding context, we will learn about the ‘power of a place’ through drawing. Sketches, paintings, drawings and collages will be created in a series of sketchbooks; and after initial studies are completed, we will continue to create ‘evocative’ works, furthering concept of ‘place’; utilizing appropriate tools of paint, pastel, charcoal and graphite.” Anita Lehmann is a teacher, an artist, and an award-winning architectural illustrator. She is a registered architect in the state of Washington with a Master of Architecture from the University of Washington. She teaches group art classes in the United States and Europe, focusing on free hand drawing, painting and design. Her other skills include architectural design, graphic design, community planning, and design illustration. Anita brings over 35 years of teaching experience and continues to discover intention. Tailored after Anita’s successful past Depictive and the Evocative Workshops, CIVITA 2022 will continue to offer a rare, small group opportunity, immersed in a creative process, inspired by Civita’s extraordinary setting and the beauty of Italy. For more information please download the Program Brochure here.