"UNITI: Justice and Inclusion,"
An exhibition of Photography, Art, and Short Poems

As part of our Civita Institute community, we invite you, our members and supporters, to share your artistic expressions on the two essential concepts of justice and inclusion.

This is a time of real transition. Moments of change can be traumatic and/or beneficial: they can be invitations to shift our limited perception. Awareness is the first step to action;
an acknowledgement that we don't yet fully understand.

Yet, it’s hard to even know what questions to ask. How can we bring the creative power of our under-represented communities into our association? How can we shape The Civita Institute into a truer reflection of America? We are creative and can adapt to change.

Our long-term and on-going connection with Civita di Bagnoregio endures through the decades. In what ways does Civita di Bagnoregio and other Italian hill towns share in the history of struggle and oppression? How has their resilience and creativity shaped their response in difficult times? What can we learn from them? When you reflect on your connection to the Civita Institute as it relates to justice and inclusion, what is your artistic response?

Submittal Deadline: September 8, 2020
Submissions will be posted to the Civita Institute's Instagram, Facebook, and website beginning in mid-September

• One submission per entrant
• Photographs, art, or short poems (verse or prose) depicting any subject within the theme
• Visual files should not exceed 1mb max, JPG or PNG format
• Please submit written work as a PDF file
• Submissions should be suitable for viewing by a family audience

• Email your submission to: with the Subject line:
“UNITI: Justice and Inclusion Submission”
• Attach to your email a completed Artwork Release Form, available here for PDF download
• Please include in your email your full name, title of work, and up to 30 words or less describing how your submission reflects the above theme.

If you have any questions, please email We look forward to receiving and sharing your entries!