Friends of Civita Institute (FoCI)

You are cordially invited to join Friends of Civita Institute!  Enjoy a 7-night member-stay at our facilities, your home-away-from-home in Civita di Bagnoregio, enrich your circle of Italophile friends by sharing your support in the mission of the Civita Institute with like-minded architects, artists, design professionals, writers, and the other interesting people in Friends of Civita Institute.    

Friends of Civita Institute Membership Levels
Benefactor: $500
Patron: $1000
Major Donor: $2000
Legacy Donor: $5000+

Coordinated by the Board’s President, Friends of Civita Institute will be invited to meet with the Board, offer advice about fundraising, and discuss opportunities to financially strengthen the Civita Institute. Friends will also be consulted throughout the year for advice or assistance in development of an annual plan of fundraising activities for the Board’s approval and enactment. Fundraising activities may include solicitation of donations, fundraising events, capital campaigns, an endowment foundation, research about investments, or proposals for attracting new members.

Friends of Civita Institute may be individuals or businesses. Membership in Friends starts on the date of a donation of $500 or more and is active for one year.  Friends receive membership benefits in effect at the time and at the level of their donation. Member-Stay benefits extend for a period of three years.  Contact for specific questions. The Board reserves the right to change the minimum donation at any time.  


Legacy Donors and Founding Members

Our Legacy Donors, Major Donors and Founding Members are our most generous friends and we thank them! Their gifts support the very mission and vision of The Civita Institute. 

Legacy Donors: $30,000+
Astra Zarina & Tony Heywood
Heide & Kurt Buchwald
Dave Hoedemaker & Joni Henry


Steven Holl
Mark & Ann Drexler
Greg Bishop
Nancy Josephson & Stephen Day
Christina & Rob Wallace
Kari Kimura & Shaun Roth
Robert Maulden & Robin Berry
Clark Pickett & Jim Corey
Kathleen & John Rasmussen
Patti Saxon 
Renee Sandoz Whitehead
Elaine Day LaTourelle & Terry Middaugh
Betty & Stefan Merken
Alan Razak & Jackie Buhn
Norma Barbacci & Glenn Boornazian
Rich Cardwell & Suzanne Hight
Erin & Bob Christie
Emmett Day
Ann Hirschi & Kraig Schwartz
Ross Whitehead & Jean Hicks
Gwendolyn Conners & Mark Zadrozny

David Harvey
Susan Lynn
Herschel Parnes & Margaret Solis
Natalie  Reuss
Dick Sneary

John Ullman & Marilyn Kennelly
Rebecca Barnes
Dave Boyd & Carlotta Torossi-Boyd
Cory Crocker
Lindsay Delecki & Eric Zenoni
Zimmer Gunsel Frasca
Maggi Johnson
Helen Kim
Karin Link
Alan Maskin & Brian Mclaughlin
Sue Partridge
Gary Rumsey
Blake Williams & Karin Williams
Jackie Roberts & The Pink Door

Kristen Bedell & Vincent DePillis
Robert C. Brewster
Arnie Bystrom
Andy Cahn & Ruth Pelz
Scout Centrella
Constance Conroy
Patricia Corey
Cesilee Coulson & Val Morgan
Gabriella Denise Frank
Carolyn  Geise
Cecile Haw
Bruce Hayashi & Kari Schlechten
Bill & Sandy Hook
Kevin Huber
Trip Hunter
Charles & Mary Kelley
Mark Klos
David & Cynthia Krepky
Perri Lynch & Craig Howard
Eileen Maloney
Harriett Matthey
Scott & Beth Oswald
Richard Seireeni & Elaine Kim
Lucy Sloman & Stephen Antiput
Dan & Ann Streissguth
Betty Torrell & Lauris Bitners
Christine Wick
Lara Swimmer & Robert Zimmer
Heather & Mike Battaglia
Linda & Mark Bratonia
Rysia Suchecka
Gregory Hepp

The following "Founding Members" are donors who joined our initial Membership Program in 2008:

Legacy Donor: $5000+
Astra Zarina and Tony Costa Heywood
Kurt and Heide Buchwald
Mark and Ann Drexler
Steven Holl
Nancy Josephson and Stephen Day
Kari Kimura and Shaun Roth
Major Donor: $2500+
Dave Hoedemaker
Benefactor: $1500+
Bill Hook
Patron: $1000+
Erin Griffin Christie
Cory Crocker
Maggi Johnson and Steve Southerland
Alan Maskin and Brian Mclaughlin
Robert Maulden and Robin L. Berry
Renee Sandoz Whitehead
Zimmer Gunsel Frasca
John Ullman and Marilyn Kennelly

Sustaining Member: $500+
Robert C. Brewster, Jr.
Arne Bystrom
Constance Conroy
Emmett Day
Carolyn Geise
Bruce Hayashi and Kari Schlechten
Ann Hirschi
Elaine Day LaTourelle
Terry Middaugh
Scott and Beth Oswald
David and Eileen Reddish
Lucy Sloman and Stephen Antupit
Eric Zenoni and Lindsay Delecki
Supporting Member: $150+
Mike and Maria Adams
Dave and Carlotta Torossi Boyd and Lisa Ronchi
H. Barrett Heywood III
Karin Link
Mark Klos
Ken MacInnes
Ed Mannery
Jason and Jacqueline Marusic
Don and Pam Miles
Tom Miller and Pamela Kilborn-Miller
Mark Millett
Ana Pinto da Silva and Michael Cannon
Kathleen Rasmussen and John Rasmussen
Dennis and Meg Ryan
Peter Steinbrueck
Ross Whitehead and Jean Hicks
Annual Member: $75+
Iole Alessandrini
Earl J. and Arlene Bell
Fred Birchman
Robert Burnham
Venus Bravo de Rueda
Delia Cano
Lupita Cano
Christian Carlson
Liz Carter
Mary Childs and Jamie Walker
James Corey
Denise Corso
Laura Curry
Davis Family Foundation
Joshua Distler
Claire Enlow
Gabriela Denise Frank
Ron Gawith
James Harrison
Phil and Effie Jacobson
Jeff Joslin
Harold Kawaguchi
Charles Kelley, Jr.
Peteris Klavins
Julie Koler
Dylan Kuehl
Flo Lentz
Clara Link
Yvone Link
Wendell and Eileen Lovett
Perri Lynch
Carol Martin and Donald Watts
Nancy Graves Martin
Jennifer Milliron and Edward LaLonde
Jesse Nickerson
Mary Pace
Herschel Parnes and Margaret Soli
Clark Pickett
Owen Richards
Terri Rose
Allison Rouse
Patricia Ann Monica Schluter
Thomas Schramm
Tara Siegel and Ivan Chabra
Daniel Smith
Betty Torrell and Lauris Bitners
John Ullman
Robert and Christina Wallace
Michael Weisman
William and Maureen Zimmerman
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Andres Duany