Partners in Design Climate Action Fellowship

The Partners in Design Climate Action Fellowship provides sponsorship of a thirty day Civita Institute fellowship for an applicant who is interested in exploring a project in climate action, be it through architecture, landscape, art, photography, activism, storytelling, or research. This fellowship will provide a stipend in the amount of $1,750.00 to one Climate Action Fellow each year. In addition to the fellowship stipend, lodging for one month at the Civita Institute facilities in Civita di Bagnoregio is included. The stipend may be used for living expenses and/or air travel. Applicants must have 3 years of work in their field and meet The Civita Institute criteria for fellowship selection.

The Partners in Design Climate Action Fellowship has been established to increase awareness of our changing climate and encourage actions that can be taken by architects, planners, designers, artists, writers and other arts professionals to contribute to a more sustainable societal response. Italian hilltowns like Civita di Bagnoregio face their own unique climate challenge, but your proposal need not be specific to Civita. If you are interested in exploring a project in climate action, we encourage you to apply.

About Partners in Design
Partners in Design is a multidisciplinary design studio that creates and manages identity programs, exhibit design, interpretive and wayfinding signage programs for clients in the Northwest and nationwide. We are proud to do work for all our clients, but over the years, some projects have been extra-special, contributing far and beyond the call of duty. Since the founding of our office, we have made it a point to take on certain projects on a pro bono basis that have the potential to really make a difference in our community. Learn more about Partners in Design here.

Inspired by the work of the Civita Institute and the recent announcement that Italy is set to become the first country (in Fall 2020) to require mandatory 33 hours of climate-related lessons into public school curricula, we are proud to establish the Partners in Design Climate Action Fellowship.

It's one of the most important reasons why we design—to care for the earth, to foster diversity, humanity, equal rights and access to education—and we relish the opportunity to empower these projects with the best communication powers possible. From our work on anti-bullying, environmental advocacy, global aid, and civil rights projects, we know that powerful design can broadcast a stronger message to help superheroes do their jobs.

Please contact with any questions.