Northwest Institute

The Northwest Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in Italy (NIAUSI) is a non-profit corporation established in 1981 by academics, students, and professional members of the Pacific Northwest design community.

Originally intended as a means of involving the professional community in the learning experience provided by the Italian Studies Program of the University of Washington's College of Architecture and Urban Planning, NIAUSI's purpose has evolved and expanded to include working toward a better understanding of the complex urban design issues we face in the Pacific Northwest and promoting excellence in the design quality of the built environment.

NIAUSI's Mission is to:

- Promote intercultural communication and awareness of design in the built environment through exchange between the Pacific Northwest and Italy

- Serve as a resource and an opportunity for professional growth and individual enrichment for those involved in improving the quality of the built environment

- Act as a public forum for ideas, research, and experiences related to design issues